So the City of Vancouver has finally reached an agreement to purchase the Arbutus corridor from CP. The city agreed to pay $55 million for 42 acres of land that stretches nine kilometres from False Creek through Kitsilano and the West Side to the Fraser River.
The idea for the land is simple: green, green, green. The Arbutus Greenway, as it will be known, will slowly be turned into an awesome green walkway for people to bike, walk and move through the heart of our city. Many might remember during the initial planning for the Canada Line before the Olympics that this was one of the lanes that was being looked at as a potential route for the new Skytrain.
Planning and development is expected to be completed within four years, but once it is, you can bet people will flock to this new transportation route. Imagine hoping on your bike and being able to leisurely stroll all the way right through the heart of Vancouver, head to Kerrisdale for a coffee, head to Langara for a class, traverse the city and finds new nooks and crannies to enjoy, visit and discover.
Bravo once again to the City and CP for making this deal happen. In years to come, this will soon become a landmark, trademark Vancouver site, kind of like the Seawall, and it will once again help invigorate an already thriving city’s culture, economy and sustainable mindset.