Right now the provincial government is unveiling a multi-year strategy that looks to support the growth and expansion of B.C’s tech sector. While it’s not grabbing international headlines, if you live in B.C., you should be pretty happy right now. Some of the numbers being release paint an amazing picture of how our government is investing in the future of this province, not just the present.
We’e gained a surplus through tough economic times, and its great to see our leaders taking charge and channeling that money into worthwhile avenues, expanding our economy, especially in an area where we were by no means national leaders.
There’s going to be a $100-million BC Tech Fund for promising start-up companies. There’s also a program for┬áK-12 curriculum which provides the opportunity for more than 600,000 ┬ástudents to gain basic skills needed for careers in technology.
But these are just two announcements of many . There’s also more money for applicable UBC programs, and an onus on making B.C. a leader in the tech industry, not just a follower. This investment helps fill out B.C’s economy, helps us stay ahead of the game and offer applicable jobs to young people coming out of school. it helps us attract some of the world’s best minds to live in Vancouver, and stimulates growth in countless other areas, including real estate of course.
What does this mean for the long term? It means the government is investing in the future of our province like they’ve promised, and as B.C. looks to lead the country in GDP growth this year, it further heads out in front with announcements that we’re an economy as vibrant and diverse as can be.