There’s no doubting the abundance of political and economic uncertainty out there right now. Many people are worried about the future, unsure of what’s to come concerning a wide variety of issues. One thing you can bank on today, the Canadian government has taken a forward-thinking approach to the country’s economy.

Exhibit A took place a few weeks ago when the federal finance minister announced sweeping changes to the Express Entry program, which dictates the types and levels of foreign skilled labour Canada brings in. The goal was simple, open the floodgates to those with post-secondary education and specific, high-demand job skills. From the film industry and construction to technology and natural resource extraction, the goal is to offer Canada to the world as a great place to live, work and play.

While some countries appear to be closing their doors, taking a more exclusive approach to the future, Canada on the other hand continues to welcome all who want to work hard, get more schooling and refine their talents and skills. Everyone knows the coming labour shortage looms large as the baby boomers start to spill into retirement. The question is do you put on the brakes, dip into nostalgia and try to revive aging sectors like manufacturing, or do you look to the future, welcome the change, and take a progressive stance not only on business, but the environment and how we define ourselves as a country?

Only time will tell which model pays off, but our money in on an inclusive economy, one that tries to attract talent from abroad, regardless of background, rather than close doors and hold steady thinking the past is when things were the best.