Once again some very interesting news that will have a massive impact on the Vancouver area in the future seems to have missed the front page: a proposed ski resort at Squamish called Garibaldi which would rival Whistler.

The provincial government issued an environmental assessment certificate for a proposed ski resort near Squamish, B.C.; although the $3.5 billion project won’t be complete for another two decades years.
The resort, 15 kilometres north of Squamish on Brohm Ridge, will include ski lifts/runs, and hiking and biking trails. It will also include a car-free village with housing, restaurants and shops linked to Squamish by transit.
Alongside the resort will be 4,000 jobs full-time, 2,000 jobs to build it, and of course millions of dollars in tourism-related activity and close to $50 million in tax revenue.
Squamish Nation has been involved with the environmental assessment process for several years and is also on board. The ski resort began the process of getting environmental approval nearly 20 years ago.
Another ski resort for Greater Vancouver would be amazing, in terms of recreation and tourism. Why have one world-class ski resort when you can have two!