It passed with little press, however it is going to completely redefine your daily experience if you use the Burrard Street Bridge on a regular basis. Council recently approved turning one of the commuter lanes on Vancouver’s oldest causeway into a bicycle/pedestrian walkway.
The whole idea is to make the corridor more bike and foot friendly, trying to get people who are heading into downtown to leave their cars at home.
Recently plans have also been floated around concerning the Granville Street Bridge which would include a pedestrian/biker corridor down the middle, which would mean less lanes for drivers. Once again the idea is to try and drive foot passengers into downtown. While some may disagree with this idea and hold onto their keys for dear life, the plans have some merit, have you ever tried to find parking in downtown Vancouver, or if and when you did, got charged an arm and a leg for 10 minutes?
City officials are well aware that statistically, high concentrations of pedestrians and cars don’t mix either. Just look at hot spot corners like Robson and Burrard, do we really need potential harmful accidents at every light?
What many Vancouverites don’t realize is that there’s a plan–Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has a vision for Vancouver to become the greenest city in the world, and he’s been sticking to it valiantly. The city just approved another few million to upgrade some more high usage bike lanes in and around the downtown area as well.
Many European cities have pedestrian friendly downtown cores where cars are not given preferential treatment. The idea is two-fold, one it’s just better for the environment when we have less cars on the road, and two, downtown cores should not be clogged with traffic. The idea behind a downtown core is an incredibly high amount of amenities within walking distance so tourists and locals alike can enjoy everything at their fingertips.
So get out of the car, stretch out those legs or hop on your two wheeler, it’s time to get with the ages!