While many have talked about the downside of a Trump presidency south of the border, others are doing what they do best and looking at the upside. Of course the president’s transgressions are tough to overlook, however there is one place in which a light is shining particularly bright right now: our local real estate sector.
According to a recent Royal LePage study, the number of Americans searching online for real estate in British Columbia has surged dramatically.
In the fourth quarter of last year, the number of searches increased close to 63% year-over-year. The most popular city in the province was Victoria, which received 32%, followed by Greater Vancouver at 25%. Three-quarters of all searches were for residential properties.
More than 17% of all Canadian searches were for properties in B.C. The question remains whether or not this will actually translate into sales and further investment within Vancouver and B.C., but one thing is for sure: we are now on the global map, and the attention our little city is getting is only growing, and growing exponentially.
Vancouver is becoming a global city before our eyes. With increased investment it’s amazing to watch the area flourish in all aspects, from real estate to a burgeoning tech sector, we are fast becoming a player on the big stage, and attracting attention with a mantra the world is most definitely starting to envy and take notice of.