Let’s be honest, things are looking good up here in the Great White North. All signs are pointing upwards for the Canadian economy. When you look at numbers from the federal government and statistics provided by the International Monetary Fund, a vision of Canada’s long-term economic picture emerges. Not only did we weather the economic downturn of 2008-09 much better than many first world nations, our recovery has been one of steady growth in a variety of sectors. Once known as a resource extraction nation, we have diversified ourselves like a banking portfolio.

Vancouver is a key indicator of this fanning out of our economy: a burgeoning tech sector, record-breaking tourism and what soon will be a first-rate legal marijuana business landscape that encompasses buying, selling and cultivating.

Here in B.C. we’ve also been lucky enough to have provincial leadership who saw the writing on the wall. Over the past decade B.C. has diversified it’s trading network, the most recent being the latest Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. We have long relied on the U.S. to propel large parts of our economy, but now with the political volatility down south, expanding overseas appears to have been a smart, savvy and exceptionally well thought out long-term play.

People are flocking to B.C. for a variety of reasons. We have more jobs that we can fill, and a safe, stable political climate. Real estate is simply one facet of a country, province and city that is hitting all the right buttons. As we dip our toes into every available sector, we know as Canadians the more you diversify, the better you are both today, and years down the road.

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