As Vancouver continues to grow into an international city, it’s important to make sure we continue to implement sustainable measures to keep up with pace. That’s why we’re excited to see the City of Vancouver’s new partnership with the Affordable Housing Agency, the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation and Vancouver Coastal Health.
The announcement is to create a facility with about 250 homes and a 55,000 square foot integrated health centre in Vancouver’s downtown eastside on East Hastings St. Mayor Gregor Robertson called this a significant step forward in the continued push to offer subsidised housing.
A society, city or group of people are not measured by how successful they are, but by how they treat their most marginalised populations. We are measured by how we take care of all of our citizens, especially those who need extra assistance. As Vancouver moves forward, it’s important that we stop and acknowledge the positive steps that are being taken, the ones that may be falling through the cracks of today’s news media cycle. This partnership offers millions of dollars for an on-the-ground facility, showing everyone that Vancouver’s elected leaders mean business, and are willing to back it up with action.
The fight to curb homelessness and make sure our most vulnerable citizens have a high quality of life is never over, however let’s not forget to acknowledge the good work that is being done. The city offered up 20 sites and $250 million dollars for the provincial government to choose from and work with. This isn’t a token gesture, but legitimate action. It shows our leaders are listening to the voice of the people who want to make sure we can all enjoy this amazing city today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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