Right now we’re in the middle of Vancouver’s 11th Annual Craft Beer Week, and you can add it to the list of amazing things this city is now known for worldwide. Yes, that’s right, Vancouver’s craft beer scene is gaining international attention. How awesome? Well think of Cuban cigars and champagne from France, now it’s Vancouver’s craft beer.
The city has long had a strong brewery sector, but since the economy has stabilized after the economic downturn, Vancouver has flourished in multiple areas. A few weeks ago Tourism Vancouver said it was expecting a record number of cruise ship passengers in one day to flood into the downtown harbour. It seems every month either YVR or the tourism board are posting another record broken for people coming through, or some accolade given to the city; it’s beautiful scenery and many amenities.
Many cities are known for many things, and Vancouver is a young city is still creating its identity. However, it appears we’re heading in a very particular direction. We have an amazing culture scene, where you can get world class beer and an eclectic array of food. Plus we’re growing a tech and clean tech sector by the minute, all the way out to Surrey where the city is fast becoming a hub for everything from healthcare to youth mental health treatment.
Great beer is just one of the offshoots of a thriving metropolis, one fast becoming an international player if it isn’t already. One only has to look to the downtown core where the art gallery is renovating its public space, readying a new postmodern upgrade behind the iconic building. Over to the left is Nordstrom, and a bustling shopping district. Up above are the offices of Microsoft, and down the way, people are streaming to a Vancouver Whitecaps game, another thriving sports franchise to set up in the city.
What more could you ask for? Maybe a beer, please!

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