If you live in downtown Vancouver or love strolling through the city’s core on a sunny day, we have good news for you.

First off the city recently released a report suggesting the 800 block of Robson be closed permanently year round. The city has been closing it during the summers for art installations and it’s tough not to want to wander through when there’s something cool going on in front of the art gallery. Now with Nordstrom revitalizing the area again, it’s now nothing short of a really cool place to meet, hang out or enjoy a relaxing afternoon while shopping.

Second, the art gallery foyer on both sides is currently in the process of getting an artistic facelift itself. The new plaza is going to be an event friendly space which could host concerts and a slew of other shows. There’s going to be trees and a European style layout which promotes people coming to hang out and gather.

It’s great to once again seeing the city taking a forward thinking approach when it comes to architecture and design. The last thing we need downtown is more cars and also with the proposed bike sharing venture too, one can expect our vibrant city to continue to promote a new feeling of community. So break out the sunglasses and the lawn chairs, it’s going to be another great summer in Vancouver.