Sometimes a little aesthetical change can go a long way. The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association has announced an experiment to liven up the city’s alleys.
They’ve started with an alley that runs behind West Hastings Street between Seymour and Granville.
Basketball hoops, furniture and unique, artistic lighting will be installed shortly on the alleyway, repainting will be done on the pavement and walls in bright tones of pink and yellow.
The move is in partnership with HCMA Architecture + Design to convert three alleys in total into more interesting and aesthetically pleasing public spaces.
The next alley after that, planned for east of Granville Street between Smithe and Robson streets, will be a festival type space and is planned to open soon as well. The final alley, south of Alberni Street between Burrard and Bute streets, is intended to house independent craft-type kiosks and is set for next spring.
There’s also plans to revitalise Blood Alley Square and Trounce Alley through a redesign, guided by the nine social impact objectives in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Plan. The redesign is expected to be completed by March 2017.
This is a great start to ensure Vancouver’s alleys remain positive places, and not something that can breed detriment to our beautiful city. Bravo to the local government for thinking of something so simple, which will hopefully have a profound impact on the city and its citizens.