Last night at a City of Vancouver public meeting the design plans for the False Creek Flats were unveiled. The master plan community which combines commercial and the new St. Paul’s Hospital is expected to increase jobs in the area for the next 30 years in the 450-acre industrial neighbourhood.
The False Creek Flats, which is bounded by Prior Street, Clark Drive, Great Northern Way and Main Street is home to more than 600 businesses right now ranging from manufacturing, transportation, textiles, food and beverage to art galleries.
The goal is to increase the number of jobs in the area from 8,000 to 30,000 over the next three decades. Many of them will be at the new St. Paul’s hospital and the Emily Carr University campus.
The idea is to revitalize an area of the city that has for a lack of a better word, been kind of an afterthought. With the hospital’s relocation it gives citizens a chance to create a new community, sprout up new business sectors and utilize what is some of the most sought after real estate in the downtown area.
Hats of to the city who have worked tirelessly to make sure this area is properly laid out, and doesn’t impede growth by simply allowing urban sprawl to take over. It’s great to see government with vision, and in Vancouver we have big plans for the future and need long-term thinking like this as we move forward.