If you’ve driven along Terminal Avenue underneath the Skytrain heading to or from Vancouver, you know the False Creek flats area. Chances are you haven’t been particularly impressed with it or what it has to offer, however the City of Vancouver agrees with you, and is unveiling and ambitious program to revitalize the entire area.

The False Creek Flats is a key job centre in the city with a critical role in the local and regional economic future.
About 8,000 people work at over 600 businesses in the Flats, an area of over 450 acres that’s less than one kilometer to downtown and the port. Also known as the Strathcona area, it encompassed land on both the north and south of the Skytrain line running to the Science World station. Through the Vancouver Economic Commission, the city has started the process of reinventing the area for the future, and it you have a peak next time you’re in the area, you will already see a number of developments that have started to break ground.
A key transit hub, it connects commuters from the highway, Skytrain riders to downtown, and bus riders from various areas across the country. Its proximity to the port is also applicable, meaning False Creek Flats could be seen as a main artery running into the downtown Vancouver core. Still in the initial stages, keep an eye on the city’s website as they roll through the planning stages. The ambitious project is going to completely revamp an area many gloss over during their various commutes, and in a few years it will soon become another major economic hub of the city.