If you’ve headed out east past the Fraser River lately, you may have noticed some changes in one of the country’s fastest growing cities. Surrey, long seen as just another outlying community in Metro Vancouver, has stepped up to the plate and is joining the big leagues.

With a booming population, construction and real estate industry, its image has undergone a massive makeover. At the forefront of this is a revitalised downtown core, and Simon Fraser University’s Central City campus as its crowning piece. Since its inception back in 2002, the university campus has helped the city rise like a phoenix, attracting students and talents galore. This makes Surrey the youngest city in Metro Vancouver, where a quarter of all those under 19 live. Close to a 1,000 people are moving to the city each month, giving it a growing population and tax base.
Surrey has also delved into the world of healthcare technology with Innovation Boulevard, an ambitious plan to turn the area into a tech hub much like Silicon Valley and MIT. With Surrey Memorial Hospital right by it, one of the busiest in the country, there’s massive potential to fulfil this goal.
Finally the city is heavily investing in clean tech, looking to the industry as a key player in the economy moving forward. The City itself has embraced this push, and wants to make itself one of the cleanest and greenest moving forward.
Another project likely on the horizon is Surrey’s LRT, which will help connect its various communities and link it up to Langley’s town centre.
If B.C. was the NHL, Surrey would be the highly touted draft pick. Nothing but potential and accolades, but still a ways to go in terms of fully developing its talent. Only question in, who gets in on the ground floor before this hidden gem is simply another shining star?