It was recently announced that the TV show Supergirl will be moving production from LA to Vancouver because of cheaper, well, everything. Film and television in BC receives production services tax credits of 33 percent. Although there are plans to scale them back in October, it’s still pretty clear Vancouver is still living up to the Hollywood North nickname.
Our most common encounters with film and TV productions as Vancouverites is usually some slow roads lined with huge white trucks. The minor inconvenience is something we’ve gotten used to, and for good reason. Film brings in big bucks in a number of ways, as well as showcasing our beautiful city and all it has to offer (Georgia Viaducts in Deadpool anyone?).
It’s the spin-off effect that really helps. Last year was a record breaking year, some 353 productions filmed in Vancouver, about $2 billion in production value and $143 million in paid wages, and even $710,000 from those street use permits. Think of it this way, the next time you get slowed down by a production crew on the street, remember, that’s money in the bank for the city to pay for essential services–roads, sewers, infrastructure upgrades.
Also, it’s pretty cool that Vancouver is so famous. It’s important to take a sense of pride in the fact that our city is seen as a great place to shoot because of its natural and architectural beauty. People not only want to live and play here, they want to shoot their big-budget Hollywood movie here too. We say roll camera!