According to Statistics Canada, the value of residential real estate has been steadily rising across the nation as far back as 1960 when the government started tracking specific numbers on the housing market. While the risk-return may not sound sexy, anyone who bought a house, apartment or condo in Metro Vancouver back in the 1960s is most likely sitting on an investment that could have potentially have doubled in value. Couple that with the region’s growing population and lack of land given we are situated on the edge of an ocean, and south of a mountain range, it appears buying a home might be the smartest bet if you’re looking to maximize your return.

With all the current market volatility, one might be wondering if investing is a safe bet for your money. The American stock market appears to be on a roller coaster, and everything from marijuana companies to Bitcoin appears to be equally unpredictable in their returns. However, there remains a long-term hold that can produce both equity and cash flow at the same time: real estate.

Long seen as an outlier when it comes to the investment game, real estate has proven itself to be a viable way to avoid paying rent, as well as generating cash. Metro Vancouver’s housing market, whether it’s downtown or out in Surrey, has shown itself over the decades as both a safe and smart investment. It also gives buyers something tangible they can manage, as homes are something a population will always need. What type of stock can you move into, rent, or sell when the time is right? These are questions Vancouverites need to ask themselves when thinking about the timeless question of investment: do I want to make a splash, or do I want to dive in and be smart long-term?

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