So it became official yesterday, the Georgia Viaducts will soon be no more. Now comes the hard part, the actual work.

It’s important to remeber the long game as we head into the next phase of the project. City council backed a historic vote with Vancouver’s long term vision in mind. Yes, for the next few years at least, traffic around the area, around the arena and around the False Creek enclave is going to be tough. The crews are going to work tirelessly to bring down the massive concrete structures, and they’re going to require your patience.
In a written statement, Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson called the decision a “once in a generation city building opportunity” and we couldn’t agree more. The viaducts are remnants of transportation’s past, built when a different vision was in scope for the city and its future. Since then things have changed, we want less highways, more green space and better development planning. We want places we can take our families on a sunny afternoon, instead of wall to wall concrete.
It’s great to have local government in place with vision, with understanding for the type of community we want to build in this city. The vote to remove the viaducts was a vote for a new downtown core, one where park space is not at a premium, but in abundance.
So when you get bogged down in traffic as crews start the dismantling process, and that worker flashes a stop sign in front of you, give him or her a smile and wave, knowing we’re all in this together, working towards a better future for Vancouver.