We definitely know how good we have it here in Vancouver. Beautiful coastal city in an amazing country. But let’s not forget there’s required maintenance and upkeep of paradise. So it’s with great glee that we support the City of Vancouver’s recent action towards strengthening the protection and reducing contamination in Vancouver’s surrounding waters.
Of course it’s not super sexy news in an age of headlines, but the False Creek Water Quality Working Group (FCWQWG), suggests that a primary contributor to E. coli contamination in False Creek is from the discharge of untreated sewage waste from marinas, and recreational vessels such as fishing boats and pleasure crafts.
Thus the organization and the city are proposing to address the issue is to amend by-laws to strengthen requirements of marina operators and boaters to properly manage their waste, consult with the boating community about potential updates to the VBBL that would require marinas to provide easily accessible pump-out facilities and a host of other changes to encourage proper sewage management and decrease sewage dumping to improve the overall environmental health of the waters such as False Creek and their users and occupants.
This is all part of a push by the City of Vancouver to become the greenest city on the planet. A lofty goal, but as anyone who lives in heaven on earth here in Vancouver, shooting for the stars is all we’re used to.

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